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Finesse Filet imitates a powerless and disorientated dying minnow.

The extremely thin bodymoves very similarly to a dying fish even with the slightest ofmotions. Thanks to the baits thicker head, the hook sits stabily in place. Different to most Softbaits, the Finesse Filet is presented lying down. Thismakes Finesse Filet the perfect bait for fishing Finesse-Rigs.



Size: 7cm,Weight1g, Piece/Pack: 4

Size: 11cm, Weight: 2g, Piece/Pack3


Size: 7cm,Weight1g,Piece/Pack4

Size: 11cm, Weight: 2g,Piece/Pack3


Size: 7cm, Weight: 1g, Piece/Pack: 4

Size: 11cm,Weight2g,Piece/Pack3

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  • Unique, German designed products – new and innovative for the modern angler
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  • Detailed instructions  “how to use” on the packaging means less time required to consult and
    convince new customers to purchase the products.
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