The firstmodel of the “The Rodfather”-Series, #LMAB´s pioneer rod, hit the german market at the end of 2018. Developed by several experts – this Rod offers great value with it´s unique high-end features, elegant style andmodern look.

The premiermodel of The Rodfather is an ideal rod to fish soft lures for Bass, Walleye and Pike especially froma boat, kayak or in canals. The extremely quick 40t Toray-Carbon blank has a rapid tip action ensuring that even the softest bites are easy to feel and the strike is perfectly transferred through to the bait and fish. The rod is varnished all the way through to the tip adding strength and ensuring very few breakages. Although the rod is completely varnished it still only weighs an astounding 139 grammes at a length of 215cm.

Due to themodern and innovative Fuji Alconite rings, the line flies out with almost no resistance and thanks to the miniature top ring, perfect precision casts are guaranteed. The Fuji VSS reel seat ensures that the spinning reel sits firmly in place, while the Duplon grip allows the rod to fit ergonomically in the hand. An absolute highlight is the nobly stitched hard cover, which not only looks extremely good but also offers up to 3 rods maximumprotection during transportation.

  • Art.-Nr.: 092919

  • Lenght 215cm

  • Weight 139g

  • Casting weight 10-45g

  • Parts: 2-teilig

  • Type: Spinning

  • Transportation Lenght: 1,20m (incl. Case)

Advantages for #LMAB retail stores:

  • Unique, German designed products – new and innovative for the modern angler
    promoted through the Hecht & Barsch GmbH YouTube, Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Detailed instructions  “how to use” on the packaging means less time required to consult and
    convince new customers to purchase the products.
  • Purchasing conditions: All prices you can find in the separate price list
  • Delivery conditions: Varies from country to country, please request quotation.